– GUCCI AWARD: Gucci America Inc. and Chloé SAS were awarded $2 million as part of a final order and judgment on consent against HGL Enterprises, EZDesignerReplicas.com, DesignerReplicas.HighPowerSites.com, Henry Leizgold, Linda Leizgold and other unspecified defendants on Dec. 7. In addition to damages, the judgment established a permanent injunction against the defendants forbidding them to make, market or sell goods that infringed on Gucci or Chloé trademarks. Gucci and Chloé charged the defendants with selling counterfeit products online. Manhattan federal judge Richard Berman presided over the case. The initial complaint and a temporary restraining order were filed in June.

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– EU TRADE CHIEF HITS CHINA: European Union Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson said Thursday that he intends to throw the weight of the 27-nation bloc behind the European textile industry’s demands for better market access around the world and for tougher action against counterfeiting, especially by China. He estimated that counterfeiting and market access barriers in China were combining to cost European businesses 55 million euros, or more than $80 million at current exchange, a day in foregone sales. Speaking to the European Parliament, Mandelson said the EU textile and apparel industry “is going through a long period of structural change.” He said European companies doing well, however, are not taking the mass producers head-on, but instead are investing in technology and quality.