Everybody wants a piece of Diego Della Valle. His recently formed association “Noi Italiani” (or “We Italians”) continues to stir speculation about his intentions. Will he or won’t he join the political arena is a subject of discussion that resurfaces on Italian media now and again, although the Tod’s chairman and chief executive officer in July told WWD that “Noi Italiani” is not a political party and that it will allow other entrepreneurs to initiate “solidarity projects.”

On Thursday, Della Valle was addressed by former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi on the popular late-night TV show “Porta a Porta.” Berlusconi, who is trying to form a new party called “L’Altra Italia,” said a meeting with Della Valle has been set up, adding however, that the entrepreneur assured him that he is not looking at becoming “a protagonist” in politics. Berlusconi this summer praised Della Valle, urging him to take an active role “for the good of the country.” Della Valle has over the years openly criticized Berlusconi and has recently also taken jabs at Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, whom he has publicly called “a friend.”

For this reason, some right-wing politicians believe Della Valle would be an asset if he decided to join forces with Berlusconi to contrast Renzi’s government. Likewise, the controversial Lega Nord, headed by Matteo Salvini, is also siding with Berlusconi against Renzi. Salvini, on another TV show, praised Della Valle’s entrepreneurial skills, eyeing a meeting with him.

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