The Cotton Made in Africa initiative has established sustainable cotton production in Uganda.

About 5,400 smallholder farmers in Uganda are now benefiting from the Aid by Trade Foundation and its Cotton Made in Africa program. This is the result of the successful verification of the Western Uganda Cotton Co. and the cooperating cotton farmers. As the largest cotton initiative in Africa, Cotton Made in Africa is now also engaged in improving the living conditions of Uganda’s smallholder farmers and their families through sustainable cotton farming.

“We are delighted to be able to cooperate with smallholder farmers from Uganda and to assist them with training, as well as the creation of a demand alliance for their cotton with the CmiA seal,” said Tina Stridde, managing director of the Foundation. “This benefits local people and is a considerable success for our foundation, with Uganda becoming the ninth country from Sub-Saharan Africa where we are actively supporting sustainable cotton farming and the rights of local farmers.”

As partners of Cotton Made in Africa, local farmers receive regular training on agricultural and business topics. They also benefit from reliable contracts and prompt payment for their harvest. With its market-oriented approach, the foundation also aims to improve the competitiveness of cotton from Uganda.

Nearly 80 percent of Uganda’s population works in agriculture. This makes cotton one of the main sources of income in the country’s rural regions. By establishing a sustainable basis for the cultivation of cotton for both people and the environment, Cotton Made in Africa said it is making a significant contribution toward fighting poverty and offering a reliable livelihood to Uganda’s small farmers.

The Aid by Trade Foundation will also be taking a further decisive step in Uganda shortly. Through its cooperation with the recently founded company Fine Spinners, Uganda’s first fully integrated textile company, Cotton Made in Africa cotton is expected to form the basis for fully integrated textile production from the cotton field to the final product in Africa.

In addition to Uganda, small farmers from Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Ghana, Cameroon and Ivory Coast are partnering with Cotton Made in Africa, which offers cotton farmers training in modern, efficient and environmentally friendly cultivation methods that allow them to increase the quality of their cotton and their crop yields and generate higher incomes.

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