WASHINGTON — Wholesale prices for U.S.-made apparel rose 0.2 percent in April compared with a month and a year earlier, the Labor Department said Tuesday in the Producer Price Index. Women’s apparel prices were flat in April compared with March, but fell 0.3 percent in the 12 months. Men’s apparel prices in April were up 0.8 percent month-to-month and 0.5 percent year-to-year.


Prices for all goods and services declined a seasonally adjusted 0.1 percent in April, driven by drops in food and energy prices. Prices for so-called core finished goods increased 0.2 percent.


April domestic prices for women’s apparel were flat in all categories compared with a month earlier. In yearly comparisons, women’s knit shirts and blouses saw prices fall 2.7 percent compared with April 2009. Women’s jeans and slacks showed the only year-over-year price increase, rising 0.2 percent in April compared with a year earlier.


Prices for men’s work clothing rose 2.6 percent in April compared with March and 2.8 percent in 12-month comparisons. Men’s knit shirt prices increased 2.5 percent month-to-month and 1.8 percent year-over-year.


U.S.-made apparel fabric prices were up 0.2 percent compared with a month earlier and 2.2 percent from April 2009. Textile product mills, which manufacture mostly home furnishing and industrial fabrics, saw prices fall 0.3 percent in April, but advance 1.7 percent compared with a year earlier.


Deeper in the pipeline, synthetic fiber prices dropped 2.6 percent in April and 2.9 percent year-to-year. Yarn prices declined 0.2 percent month-to-month, but increased 6.6 percent in 12-month comparisons. Greige fabric rose 0.5 percent in April and 2.1 percent from a year earlier.


Prices for finished fabrics increased 0.4 percent compared with a month earlier and 1.7 percent year-over-year.

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