As is such for best friends, Emily Dougherty and Ying Chu have a few things in common. For starters, they’re both beauty directors—Dougherty at Elle and Chu at Glamour. They share a penchant for La Mer The Concentrate and on weekends they retreat to country cabins on the same street in New York’s Delaware River Valley. When Dougherty and Chu discovered they were both pregnant at the same time last year, with due dates a week apart, the pair thought their friendship was as kismet as it could get—until Aug. 10 and 11, when within 24 hours they both delivered baby boys on the same floor of Mount Sinai Hospital and—unbeknownst to each other—each named their son Magnus. “What makes this so crazy and special is that had Ying had her baby a day earlier or a day late, there wouldn’t have been a surprise,” says Dougherty of the serendipitous series of events. Says Chu, “They’re both Magnus and you look at them and are like ‘He’s such a Magnus,’ but ‘Well, he’s a Magnus, too.’”

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