The cover of the book.

For her seventh book, “Pretty Powerful,” she wanted to focus on the faces in her makeup chair and the stories behind them.

For her seventh book, “Pretty Powerful,” Bobbi Brown wanted to focus on the faces in her makeup chair and the stories behind them.

“This book is about storytelling,” said Brown, who divided the book into chapters highlighting six beauty looks: natural, radiant, strong, classic, authentic and bold. “I hope this book starts a conversation amongst women, like one you might have with a sister or a best friend. It’s not about what’s wrong with you, but about what’s right with you.”

Each chapter opens with a celebrity who embodies that particular look and features women who have a similar beauty style. Included also are makeover ideas, tool and product recommendations, expert tips from Brown and personal insights from a host of famous women, including Gabourey Sidibe (who fronts the “Pretty Radiant” chapter), Sandra Bernhard (a “Pretty Authentic” face) and Blythe Danner (a “Pretty Classic” beauty).

“Everything I do is an evolution of the same,” said Brown. “My philosophy has not changed from day one. I still believe all women are beautiful, and with the right knowledge and tools anyone can be beautiful.”

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The book begins with Brown’s top 10 insider tips on makeup basics, as well as chapters on eating right, foundation application and seasonal beauty.

“After six books, the easier and more simple I teach,” said Brown, “the information gets less confusing.”

When discussing the highlights of working on the tome, Brown said her favorite moments centered around her collaborations with the women featured on the pages.

“Part of what I do is working with women’s personal style, whether you are someone who is a makeup virgin or [someone who prefers] to rock a violet lip and fake eyelashes,” said Brown. “Of course, women can be more than one.”

Philanthropist Lauren Bush Lauren, for example, who opens Brown’s “Pretty Natural” chapter, served as a model for those who prefer a minimal, “healthy glow” look.

“Lauren doesn’t need much to sparkle,” said Brown.

Meanwhile, for British singer Estelle, who fronts Brown’s “Pretty Bold” chapter, it was all about color and experimentation.

“I see myself in all the chapters,” said Brown. “I have a bold personality, but am unbold when it comes to fashion and beauty.”

Despite the variety featured on the pages of “Pretty Powerful,” Brown said writing the book revealed more about the similarities than the differences.

“I learned all women are basically the same,” said Brown, who added that she took particular care to ensure that even all the “before” pictures in the book were flattering. “We all want to look good and feel good about ourselves. We all want to be pretty and not one of us is perfect. This book is about bringing out the best in each woman.”

To reflect just that, the cover of “Pretty Powerful” features a Converse-wearing, beaming Brown, 55, standing alongside a 22-year-old model.

“I don’t believe in acting your age,” said Brown. “I wanted to show that just because you aren’t young doesn’t mean you can’t think you are.”

“Pretty Powerful,” $29.95, drops in October, while a new makeup collection inspired by the book, called the Pretty Powerful Uber Basics collection, has launched this month.