The Buckle Inc. said Patricia Whisler, the retailer’s senior vice president of women’s merchandising, is retiring “later this spring” after 40 years with the company.

Whisler joined the retailer in February 1976 serving as a part-time sales associate. Later, Whisler was promoted to a store manager role and then in 1983 served at the company headquarters on the merchandising team. In May 2001, Whisler was named vice president of women’s merchandising, and in March 2014 became senior vice president.

The retailer said Whisler was an “instrumental part of the company’s success as [Whisler] partnered with many branded vendors over the years to both market their brands and develop exclusive product for Buckle.” Whisler also worked on the development of Buckle’s private-label brands.

Buckle is based in Kearney, Neb., and operates 468 retail stores in 44 states.

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