NEW YORK — Carol Hoffman has joined Winston Consultants, international brand strategists, as executive vice president.

Most recently she was executive vice president at The Doneger Group. Doneger acquired the Carol Hoffman business in 2001, enabling Doneger to gain greater expertise and clients in the designer, bridge, better, gold range and contemporary markets, where Hoffman specialized. She left Doneger in July, and the division remained at the buying office.

After opening its doors in Toronto in September, Winston expanded to New York, opening a space at 41 West 57th Street and servicing clients that include Sylvia Heisel, Donald Deal and Dennis Merotto. The company employs a team of market specialists with knowledge of legal and strategic issues, markets, brands, products and distribution.

“The move to Winston Consulting is a natural transition for someone with my background,” said Hoffman.

Hoffman began her career as divisional merchandise manager-buyer at Mac Hugh Inc., in Ridgewood, N.J., and later served as divisional merchandise manager-buyer at Rowe Manse Emporium in Clifton, N.J. She then opened the Carol Hoffman buying office.

Winston is headed by Brian Winston, chief executive officer. In addition to its two North American showrooms, the business includes a cash-and-carry retail loft. Expansion plans include the opening of a Munich office to be led by international apparel marketing consultant Marc Lugert.