Jaime King and Jamie Chung attended WEI Beauty's Detoxifying Skincare Line

WEI Beauty unleashed its new Golden Root Multi-Action Anti-Pollution Mist at a luncheon on Wednesday at NeueHouse in Los Angeles.

Actresses Jaime King and Jamie Chung helped celebrate the launch, which was also attended by influencer Cara Santana who is recently engaged to actor Jesse Metcalfe.

Created on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, WEI is building a fan base among those who seek out its fusion of centuries-old Eastern remedies with modern-day Western technology. The formulas feature traditional herbal formulas with the latest in delivery systems, the company said.

“I am always looking for new ways to incorporate some of the herbal ingredients renowned in China for their reparative and nourishing benefits,” says Wei Young Brian, founder and ceo of WEI Beauty. “Merging new product formulations with ingredients that have been revered for centuries is what allows our products to appeal to customers of varying ages and backgrounds.”

Ingredient stories are propelling skin care sales, especially for younger consumers who research what is in the products they buy. There’s also building interests in mist delivery systems. WEI is also known for masks, such as its Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask and Sprout Sheet Masks which are carried by Sephora.

WEI’s newest item, Golden Root Multi-Action Anti-Pollution Mist features a plant-based, anti-ozonate complex used to detoxify and rehydrate dull, irritated skin frequently exposed to environmental pollutants. It also has Earth Smoke that works to help prevent and minimize damage caused by air impurities, the company said. The formula chemically reacts with the ozone, breaking it down into water before its harmful toxins reach the skin. The cleansing spray also contains Golden Root, an antioxidant-rich ingredient traditionally reserved for Chinese royalty. It is also rich in fumaric and alcohol free.

Retailing for $20 for 50 ml and $38 for 100 ml, the mist is available this month on Weibeauty.com.