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Ciara talks with WWD about Revlon Ambassador

Ciara’s new partnership with Revlon may have been written in the stars.

In something of a homecoming, the producer, singer, model and actress has signed on as the newest Revlon spokeswoman. It seemed like a logical move to both parties given that she was named after a Revlon fragrance that debuted in 1973.

“My mom had been trying to figure out my name for a long time before I was born…it was two names — it was Bianca or something else — nothing had anything to do with Ciara,” Ciara said. “Then my dad bought her the fragrance — the Ciara fragrance by Revlon — from the commissary at the military base. They were in Texas, he bought her the fragrance and not only did he love this fragrance but the name also really resonated with her and she ditched all the other names and Ciara became my name.

“I think my mom was putting it into the universe,” she added. “‘Your name will be Ciara and one day you will have a Revlon campaign.’”

While it may smack of a too-good-to-be-true story, Ciara has never been afraid of dreaming big — in her career and her personal life.

The 30-year-old married Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson earlier this year, but especially in love, Ciara, mom to two-year old Future (whom she had with the rapper, also named Future), wasn’t always convinced things would work out so well.

“I didn’t think love was going to happen as fast as it did in my life, honestly. I kind of thought I was going to be a single mom for, like, four years, but life has a unique way of kind of falling into place,” said Ciara.

“I’m specific about all those thoughts in my mind,” she continued. “Starting from a place of choosing love kind of was like a law of attraction and it brought love my way.

“Love is the universal language that everyone can speak and everyone experiences in their own unique way,” she said. “It really has a way of solving problems. Love has a way of bringing people together, love has a way of changing the pep in your step — I’m a different woman these days, I can’t lie, from the love that I’ve been able to experience over the past two years of my life, and also having my son, the love that came from him.”

That putting-it-out-into-the-universe process may well have brought Revlon into her arms as well. Ciara noted that when she was growing up, Revlon was part of her family’s routine. “I didn’t have a lot, but Revlon was one of those brands that we could afford,” she said.

As for her other professional goals, “I write my business goals down and then I let them manifest,” she said, hinting that future ones include acting in an action film and continuing to work on more music.

“I am making my album, taking my time in the process,” she said. “It’s important to me that when I’m in the process, I’m expressing myself in the truest form of me…I feel like becoming a mom, you get a bit spicier…I’ve been wanting to experiment more.”

When it comes to Revlon,  her personal love story aligns with the brand’s Choose Love messaging. “Ciara is a great example of an empowered woman who chooses what she wants and goes after it,” said Revlon chief marketing officer Benjamin Karsch. “Ciara represents the confident woman who knows the importance of loving herself first in order to actively seek and choose the love that she knows she deserves.”

For Revlon, adding Ciara also brings another well-known name with a big follower count into its roster of celebrity ambassadors. Her nearly 14 million Instagram followers join the 1.9 million of Alejandra Espinoza, 1.8 million of Olivia Wilde and 841,000 of Halle Berry. And as some beauty brands bet on social influencers over celebrities, Ciara brings both sides to the table, according to Karsch.

“We will likely use both social influencers as well as broad brand ambassadors, but Ciara is someone who is really both,” he said. “By partnering with a celebrity like Ciara, who has such tremendous reach and visibility, we gain access to her fan base and specifically with Ciara on Instagram alone, she’s got more than 13 million followers.”

To those millions of fans, Ciara is looking to be a role model. “I always was a big dreamer, I always envisioned myself doing really cool things and really successful things,” she said. “But you don’t understand what being a role model is until you have a bit more experience…being a mom, you kind of realize that you have this bigger responsibility.”

She acknowledged that there is a lot of power in celebrity and with it comes responsibility. “There’s a lot of power in that, and my ultimate goal is to always be humble in the process and make sure I use this platform to really make a difference.”