Cirillo Marcolin.

MILAN — Confindustria Moda on Tuesday named Cirillo Marcolin its new president. Formerly vice president of the Italian federation — which collects around 67,000 companies operating in the fashion, textile and accessories sectors — Marcolin succeeds Claudio Marenzi, effective immediately.

Reda’s chief executive officer Ercole Botto Poala has been named vice president of the federation, while the two general directors — Gianfranco di Natale and Astrid Galimberti — have been confirmed in their roles.

According to a statement, Marcolin’s appointment reflects the federation’s strategy to alternate the representation of the fashion-textile sector with the accessories one at the helm, telegraphing a continuity of strategies among the different businesses gathered under Confindustria Moda’s umbrella. Marcolin is the son of Giovanni Coffen Marcolin, who founded the namesake eyewear company.

Marenzi underscored that he and Marcolin “have worked together since the first day to establish Confindustria Moda” and that they share the same “vision of having a system, the attention to the protection of all the players of our supply chains and the sensitivity to make the federation more and more united and unitary in representing the world of Italian fashion, textile and accessories globally.”

“I take the baton with the goal to lead the growth of the federation in a new phase, albeit a complex and challenging context like the one generated by the global pandemic in the last months,” Marcolin said. “Only through a constant and productive collaboration among all parties of the federation will we be able to compete in an increasingly efficient way in the global markets like single companies and like a united front. It’s an effort each of us has to commit to in the name of an industry that makes Italy proud in the eyes of the whole world.”

The businesses under the federation have been significantly impacted by the coronavirus outbreak in the country. If in 2019, the combined sales of each sector were up 2 percent to 97.9 billion euros, with exports accounting for 67.8 billion euros and an increase of 6.8 percent compared to the previous year, in the first quarter of 2020 exports and overall orders dropped 9 percent and 40 percent, respectively.

As reported, earlier this month Confindustria Moda decided to join the Export Pact with the goal to strengthen the bond between the Italian government and the fashion system in a bid to help the sector overcome the crisis. As part of the Export Pact, Italy’s government is allocating 1.4 billion euros and, along with the involved parties, has commited to support the internationalization of the country’s economy through communication and integrated promotional initiatives aimed at presenting Italy’s different strengths as a system; easier access to internationalization and digitalization programs for small and medium-sized enterprises; the implementation of e-commerce and business-to-business digital platforms; a refresh of the country’s trade shows, and an easier access for companies to financial resources and credit.

Established in 2017, Confindustria Moda merged the fashion and textile consortium SMI Sistema Moda Italia and FIAMP, which used to represent the companies working in the accessories industry, including leather goods, eyewear, fur and jewelry.

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