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Beauty Inc issue 09/09/2011

Beauty Inc asked some leading tastemakers to share with us who best exemplifies modern American beauty today.


This story first appeared in the September 9, 2011 issue of WWD. Subscribe Today.

“American fashion has a certain spirit as well as an aesthetic. It carries the American sensibility of hard work and opportunities for change. MARY KATE and ASHLEY OLSEN embody this. They’ve come so far, and have worked so hard to get where they are. They’ve been able to see opportunities for change in their careers, embrace their original style and evolve. They are extremely talented, but they also have the ability to make style feel accessible: taking risks in their personal style as well as their designs.”


“If I have to pick one it would be ANGELINA JOLIE. I like the fact that she is a mother who clearly loves her children. She has incredible style, but she is also a daredevil and takes risks. She is a confident woman who is always doing something exciting. To me, that is real beauty.”


SOOKIE STACKHOUSE! Doesn’t compromise her values (like all great Americans). Loves her home (like all American women). Has magical powers (we had better with all we have to do—mom, wife, lover, caregiver, worker, driver, etc.). Is so sexy and her skin glows and her hair is so shiny (more of her magical powers brought tolife that she also has time to look fabulous). Puts up with vampires (the economy, bosses, ex-husbands, mortgage holders, credit card debt). She is a warrior! (Fights for what she believes in even if it’s not the most popular way to go!)”


DREW BARRYMORE is the quintessential American beauty— she is beautiful on the inside and out. From her talent as a director to her philanthropic endeavors, she is incredibly witty and charming.”


CAMERON DIAZ epitomizes American beauty. She is gorgeous, incredibly smart and the funniest person I’ve ever met. She has complete control of her career. Physically, she has never been more fit and it inspires one to defy age in the way that she does. Cameron’s generous spirit makes her truly beautiful inside and outside. She is also the most intelligent business woman I’ve ever met and never compromises what she believes in.”


JENNIFER ANISTON epitomizes American beauty because she is effortlessly chic and exudes such confidence, which only enhances her natural beauty even more.”


“For me, OPRAH WINFREY epitomizes American beauty. Her strength, her force, her belief in good, her desire to always find the light and the positive in every- thing…all of that shows in her face, her smile, her shine. Oprah is bigger than life…she resonates strength and that is true beauty!”








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