Dawn Goldworm, one of two designers for Coty Beauty International, is leaving the group to focus her efforts on an olfactory branding company she created in 2009 called 12.29.

Goldworm spent eight years at Coty Beauty creating scents for fragrances such as Lady Gaga’s Fame, Baby Phat and Heidi Klum. Now, as 12.29’s scent director, Goldworm is responsible for all olfactive scents.

“I’ll create custom fragrances based on the brand identity,” said Goldworm, whose twin sister, Samantha, came onboard 12.29 to handle its marketing efforts in 2010. “12.29 came out of the idea that there is a future beyond fine fragrance.”

Her first independent project consisted of fashioning a scent for the launch of Gabriele Corto Moltedo’s accessory store, Corto Moltedo, in Palais Royal. Shortly after, she was fusing scents for a variety of brands.

Creating fragrances exclusively for brands, retail-corporate environments, hospitality venues, special events, private homes and runway shows, 12.29 scents are created in collaboration with the client to evoke the emotion of the brand and target the client’s market demographic. “We’re [12.29] creating scents for all sorts of brands, hotels, retail shops and hair salons,” said Goldworm. “We’re using a smell to illicit an emotion beyond what fine fragrance is doing now.”

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