Galeries Lafayette Royal Quartz Paris

PARIS — Galeries Lafayette has named Arthur Lemoine managing director of Louis Pion-Royal Quartz. In his new role, the executive will head the group’s watch businesses, including Louis Pion, Galeries Lafayette-Royal Quartz Paris and Augis 1830.

The appointment comes as the department store recently snagged a contract to manage a network of watch stores at Paris airports Charles de Gaulle and Orly, which the company renamed under the Galeries Lafayette-Royal Quartz Paris banner.

Lemoine, 33, has worked at the company for a decade, recently leading a project with Eataly. The company has signed an exclusive franchise for the Italian food retailer in France, and the first flagship is scheduled to open in Paris in 2019. He succeeds Daphné de Jenlis, who is taking several months of sabbatical leave but remains in the group.

Lemoine will report to the group’s executive chairman Philippe Houzé and join the executive committee of Galeries Lafayette BHV Marais, which is headed by Nicolas Houzé.

The French retailer has reoriented business to tap into tourist flows — particularly from China — in a bid to secure future growth. It is also expanding into China, with plans to unveil a flagship in Shanghai later this year, and plans to set up a dozen stores in some of the country’s largest cities by 2025.

At the same time, the group is reducing reliance on its domestic market and recently unveiled plans to sell dozens of stores in France, outside of the French capital, to a local realtor. The group will remain involved in management of the stores, however, under a franchise contract.