MILAN — The rollout of COVID-19 vaccines has been slow in Italy and a number of Italian fashion companies are taking steps to help speed up the process.

Gucci on Monday said it was joining an initiative by Italy’s association Confindustria.

As soon as Italian national and regional health regulations allow it, Gucci will open the doors of its corporate offices and facilities to vaccinate more than 6,000 Italian employees, from offices, factories and retail.

The pandemic challenged all of us with unexpected issues,” said Marco Bizzarri, president and chief executive officer of Gucci. “Since the beginning, we have put people at the center and launched initiatives to protect our communities: from our employees to our suppliers, also offering support to health care professionals and the most vulnerable communities. As the vaccination campaign accelerates, our commitment to the country where Gucci was born — Italy — grows. We are therefore extremely proud to open the doors of our corporate offices and facilities to the vaccination campaign.”

The decision is in line with that of parent company Kering, which is offering its own spaces and those of the other brands of the group operating in Italy.

The initiative is part of the Progetto Prevenzione Attiva [Active Prevention Project], launched in July 2020 in collaboration with Prof. Andrea Crisanti, the University of Padua, the Luiss University of Rome and the Innovation Pole of Genomics, Genetics and Biology of Siena. The project, developed with the aim of further increasing the safety of Gucci’s workplaces, involves voluntary and preventive monitoring of the level of risk of COVID-19 infection to which employees may be exposed. The monitoring may subsequently lead to the implementation of rapid detection measures, such as a free nose and throat swab. This has also been adopted by the other Kering companies in Italy.

OVS is also supporting the vaccination campaign by offering its Mestre, Italy, headquarters for the vaccination of its employees in the Veneto region. OVS is setting in its parking lot a structure that will allow the families of its employees and citizens of the area to be vaccinated. In addition, it is subscribing to the initiative promoted by distribution association Federdistribuzione to extend the vaccines to all its stores’ employees in Italy.

Also in the Veneto region, Benetton Group has adhered to the initiative and will vaccinate employees and families in spaces provided by the company and extend this to citizens of the area.

As reported earlier this month, Brunello Cucinelli through his fashion company and the Brunello and Federica Cucinelli Foundation, said he had developed a collaboration with the Umbria region’s administration to create a vaccination center inside the Parco della Bellezza in Solomeo, the restored medieval hamlet that houses the brand’s headquarters.

Cucinelli won’t only offer the location for the center, but will also pay the salaries of the 16 individuals in charge of administering the vaccinations. According to the company, 1,200 people are expected to be vaccinated every week in the center financed by Cucinelli.

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