VOGUE MOVES: Holly Shackleton will take up the role of editor in chief of Vogue International, replacing the launch editor Justine Bellavita, Condé Nast International will announce on Thursday.

Shackleton spent 14 years at i-D, and was named editor in chief in 2014. Working with Vice Media Group, she rolled out i-D internationally to 11 markets in Europe, the United States, Asia and Latin America, and built a global and multilingual team of editors and contributors.

“Holly has a deep understanding of the global publishing, fashion and luxury industries,” said Wolfgang Blau, president of Condé Nast International. “She has shown, if not created, the model for how to collaborate with journalists and creative talent across so many different cultures, languages and markets, while making i-D the distinctive ‘voice of a generation.’”

Shackleton said she is looking forward to working with Vogue’s editors to create content that celebrates the title’s global reach and reputation. Shackleton will report directly to Blau. She takes the place of Bellavita who joined Vogue International in 2017 and has since returned to work as digital editorial director for a variety of Condé Nast Italia titles.

Launched in 2017, Vogue International is comprised of a central team of international digital staff charged with taking the lead on global stories and creating digital content for the global Vogue editions. Condé said the Vogue International team creates content as a 360-proposition with digital storytelling across features, photography, video and social.

Collectively, Vogue sites reach a global monthly audience of 46 million readers and 67 million across social platforms. The global digital network spans more than 16 markets, and nine different languages.

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