While Emmy nominees walked the red carpet in Los Angeles on Sunday, “Glee” star Lea Michele was busy in New York preparing to shoot her advertising campaign as the new face of L’Oréal Paris, which will be officially unveiled in January.

“I’ve been using L’Oréal my whole life — everything from hair care to beauty,” said Michele, wearing a champagne-hued Lanvin shirtdress, which she called “L’Oréal gold. It’s just amazing to get to sit here and say everything has led up to this.”

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The new L’Oréal spokeswoman spoke to WWD during a brand event on Monday about the importance of the appointment on a personal level.

“It’s so amazing for me because I’m from New York and growing up I was never really considered the typical beauty, so the fact that I’m now the face of such an incredible company and brand is so awesome,” said Michele, punctuating her excitement with a heaping of superlatives. “That they would look at me and consider me is unbelievable.”

Despite not receiving an Emmy nomination this year, Michele is proud as ever about the show.

“I’m on the fourth season of my television show which is probably the most near and dear [to me],” said the Broadway-cum-television star. “I’m so happy on the show. I love it so much. The fact that we are going into a fourth season so strong is really awesome. I really think that it’s been such a blessing to be on a TV show that portrays inner beauty as well as external beauty.”

Although the Internet rumor mill has been swirling about feuding between Michele and current “Glee” co-star Kate Hudson, Michele had nothing but good things to say about Hudson as well as all her celebrity costars during the series.

“Right now we have Kate Hudson and Sarah Jessica Parker and they are so incredible,” said Michele, who added she is a long-time fan of Hudson’s movies as well as “Sex and the City.” “We’ve had such great people on the show.”

For Michele, whose mother is Italian and father is a Sephardi from Spain, her ethnic background is something that she believes will help connect with L’Oréal consumers around the globe.

“I think I have a type of look that is very relatable, that’s different and unique that girls can look at and say ‘I feel like I look like her,’” said Michele, who added that she is currently working on a debut musical recording. “It’s a pretty slow process right now so I think we are figuring it out as we go but I do want to make a pop album rather than a Broadway standard album.”

When it comes to the 26-year-old’s daily beauty regimen, Michele said L’Oréal products are key.

“I’m obsessed with their eye makeup remover, Clean Artiste, it’s incredible,” she said. “I’ve been using their EverCreme shampoos for such a long time and their mascaras are the best mascaras in the world.”

As far as beauty advice for her fans? “Always wash your face, that’s a big one,” she said. “I try not to wear makeup in my daily life to give my skin a chance to breathe.”