Edouard Macquin appointed president of Lectra Americas.

Lectra, the integrated technology firm for brands and manufacturers, founded in 1973 and operating 32 subsidiaries globally, announced the appointment of Edouard Macquin as president of Lectra Americas. Macquin will lead Lectra technology across North and South America, spearheading the fashion, furniture and automotive sectors in their digital transformation.

Within fashion, Lectra offers clients end-to-end product customization and on-demand production, while aiming to connect the fashion product life cycle through best-practice methods and technologies.

Having a 32-year career with the company, Macquin has built success as the previous director of Lectra Brazil, as well as Lectra’s global chief sales officer, and in 2014 he became a member of Lectra’s executive committee developing five strategic objectives to progress business.

The appointment serves “instrumental” in Lectra’s strategy to reorganize its subsidiaries into four main regions, with intention “to adapt the Lectra 4.0 strategy more effectively to Lectra’s different markets, accelerate business development and strengthen synergies within each geographical area.”

In a statement, Daniel Harari, chairman and chief executive officer of Lectra added the company’s values of innovation and customer empowerment align with Macquin’s thinking and present “no better choice to lead our [Lectra’s] Americas business and our Industry 4.0 offerings there.”

Hoping to demonstrate how Lectra’s product development and manufacturing technology can make brands more dynamic in an “increasingly digital and customization-driven economy,” Macquin’s multilingual approach and “unbroken track record of success” with Lectra poises great potential.

Being “at the vanguard of Industry 4.0,” Lectra’s new leadership over Lectra Americas serves to further their mission of helping customers to succeed in the digital age with faster, while aiming to deliver more agile end-to-end product development and manufacturing solutions.

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