The scene at LIM College graduation.

LIM College, which specializes in coursework focused on the business of fashion, said it is now offering a “Master of Professional Studies (MPS) degree in the Business of Fashion.”

The program is geared toward fashion industry professionals and is designed in a way that allows students “to customize their education” by tailoring coursework to “their individual needs and career goals,” the college said in a statement, adding that “participants can choose a combination a courses from among LIM’s existing master’s degree offerings — ranging from marketing, visual merchandising and retailing to supply chain and logistics, consumer behavior and public relations.”

The program can be done on campus or via online, and be completed in a single academic year. The college said applications for the fall 2018 session are now being accepted. LIM College is located in Midtown Manhattan, in New York.

LIM College president Elizabeth S. Marcuse said in keeping “with the ongoing trend toward customization throughout both fashion and higher education, we developed this program directly in response to fashion professionals’ need to fill specific gaps in their knowledge base — or acquire in-depth knowledge in areas of their choosing — to help advance their careers.”

Marcuse said regardless of the combination of courses a student in the program chooses, “they will develop the skills needed to manage people, projects and processes within the competitive $2 trillion global fashion industry.”

Applicants for the program need an undergraduate degree in a “fashion-related field and at least two years of post-graduate experience in the fashion industry,” the college said, adding that if the undergraduate degree is not in a fashion-related major, “applicants must possess at least five years of fashion industry experience.”