LONDON — Following Yoox Group’s brief confirmation Wednesday night that executive chairman Natalie Massenet had resigned from the business, Net-a-porter Group issued its own statement Thursday morning.

Confirming Massenet’s departure as executive chairman, the statement quoted Massenet only. Massenet said in the statement that “the completion of [Net-a-porter Group’s] merger with Yoox Group is the right time for me to move on to explore new ideas and opportunities.”

“The business I started in 2000 could not be in better shape today,” Massenet’s statement read. She also pledged support for the merged Net-a-porter and Yoox Group.

“Having joined forces with Yoox Group, the company will be bigger, stronger and superbly well-positioned under Federico [Marchetti’s] leadership to lead the industry and create the future of fashion,” she said, adding, “As a continuing loyal customer I will be excited to see the next chapter for this amazing business.”

Massenet also addressed her own future plans, saying “my entrepreneurial drive is as strong today as it always has been, and my passion for innovation will continue to be my greatest guide in business,” she said. Massenet added that “the incredible experiences and memories of the past decade and a half…will always be an inspiration to me.”

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