Federico Bonelli

MILAN — Pinko has made strategic hirings in different business areas to boost its international growth.

The Italian contemporary women’s wear and accessories company has tapped Federico Bonelli as its first general manager. A former partner at Ernst & Young and principal at the Boston Consulting Group, Bonelli will guide the brand in collaboration with president Pietro Negra.

“Pinko is a successful brand with a big growth potential,” Bonelli said. “It’s a label [that] succeeded in creating a strong empathy with the public thanks to an always coherent vision in terms of style, communication, quality and prices. Following an initial period when we will revise some pillars of the business architecture, we will kick off a development phase which will interest important aspects, such as product offering, digital ecosystem, China, retail model and wholesale approach.”

In keeping with this strategy, Pinko also reinforced its creative and communication departments. Caterina Salvador, former head designer at Dolce & Gabbana and Coin Group, was named style and product director, while Emanuele Bianchi, former Coccinelle marketing director, was tapped as marketing and communications director.

Negra’s daughters, Cecilia and Caterina, will continue to play a key role within the communications and creative direction areas, respectively.

“We actually thought about the future of Pinko. This is the first phase of a bigger project [that] looks to the future and will be unveiled step by step in the next months,” said Negra, who founded Pinko’s parent company Cris Conf in Fidenza in the Eighties. “We started from a crucial issue. The succession has always represented an important topic for a company founded by a family who decided to remain independent. Our solution is looking to the future engaging new generations, creating an Italian team [that] will bring new energy to a business model that has always been highly successful. Getting in the game, as we have always done.”

Pinko, which closed 2018 with revenues of 210 million euros and which expects to grow in 2019, aims to significantly increase its penetration of the Chinese market. The company, which currently operates 194 stores worldwide, forecast to increase the number of its Chinese shops from 40 to 50 within 2020.