In an age of digital, Bloomingdale’s, Lady Gaga and Polaroid still believe in print. They proved it Thursday at the 59th Street flagship in Manhattan, when the GL10 Instant Mobile Printer was launched, the first in a string of products being developed by Polaroid with the megastar. She is working on Polaroid introductions under the Grey Label line, including sunglasses that can take videos and play them back as you wear them, and a camera with a built-in printer.

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“For the 21st century, you can’t just think out of the box. You have to crush the box. That’s where Lady Gaga comes in,” said Bobbie Sager, Polaroid’s chairman. “She’s not just a spokeswoman. She’s the creative director. On any of these products, she’s the inspiration and she’s been in several long technical meetings.”

With each product, Sager said Gaga is good at figuring out “how do you live with it, how do you party with it and how do you make it cool.”

Polaroid president Scott Hardy said the singer was instrumental in the design of the mini printer, which in 45 seconds prints photos taken with a smartphone that’s Bluetooth enabled, operating like a portable photo booth. The GL10 printer has a leather grip, a partial brushed aluminum finish and is 15 ounces and 4-by-6 inches in size. It makes 3-by-4-inch prints [40 before needing recharging], uses Zink GL10 paper and requires no ink. Bloomingdale’s has the exclusive on the printer, priced $169.99, until mid-June, when HSN and Costco will join in the selling. Bloomingdale’s also has an interactive window display, with a Lady Gaga mannequin holding a camera that shoots anyone standing on a pixel on the sidewalk and projects a big printout.

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