Outside the new Printemps de la Beauté.

PARIS — Printemps has added Ion Metulesco and Karen Vernet to its management board, following the departure of longtime director Martine Delzenne in November.

The move reflects the “importance and complementary nature of the physical store and of e-commerce in the strategy of the group,” the Qatari-owned French department store chain said in a statement.

Metulesco, who heads engineering, architecture and maintenance activities for the group, joined Printemps in 2013. Vernet is spearheading the development of the new printemps.com web site, which is central to the department store chain’s strategy. The buyer has been with Printemps since 2009.

“The creation of the Internet commerce site printemps.com is a major project in our strategy for development,” said Printemps chief executive officer Paolo de Cesare. With a focus on luxury and fashion designers, the site will round out the group’s offer, which also includes Citadium, its sporty retail banner, and Place des Tendances, which sells contemporary and high-street brands.