In a bid to reach new consumers, Revlon is partnering with social media influencer and nail artist Chelsea King, who will serve as the brand’s first-ever Revlon Nail Expert.

King has more than 100,000 followers for her Instagram account, @chelseaqueen, where she posts photos of colorful, often patterned nail designs. That aesthetic will soon be coming over to Revlon.

“She can really help us reach new consumers,” said Tracy Rohrbaugh, vice president of global marketing for Revlon. “The media landscape is changing dramatically, and in order to approach the category from an authentic standpoint it feels much more relevant to be looking to someone who is both talented and passionate toward nails specifically.”

In her new role, King will create exclusive content for Revlon, promote the brand on her social media platforms, help translate seasonal nail trends and create the nail looks for Revlon’s advertising campaigns. She has already worked with Revlon global brand ambassador Olivia Wilde on her nail looks for the Oscars and the Met Gala.

The decision to hire a social media star is a new one for Revlon, which has traditionally gone the celebrity spokesperson route. Aside for Wilde, Revlon’s ambassadors include Halle Berry and Alejandra Espinoza. But given the increasing importance of influencers, the partnership is something Revlon may look to replicate going forward, according to Rohrbaugh.

While she is now an established nail artist, King didn’t always have an interest in nails. “I was such a huge tomboy growing up that I never painted my nails until five or six years ago,” King said. “My mom made me go get my nails done for prom my senior year of high school, and from that moment I was like, ‘Oh, this is so fun.’”

From there, she started posting her designs on social media, and eventually a photographer reached out and asked her to handle the nails for a photoshoot — then she got an introduction to an agent, her nail license, and has been working “nonstop” ever since. King highlighted two different designs as some of her favorites — one, with black and white stripes mixed with bright colors that she completed recently, and a “Star Wars”-themed nail design. “They took me, like, four hours,” King said.

“She bring[s] a new fresh perspective to nail enamel and the unique individuality that you can use our products to express,” Rohrbaugh said. “She’s also delivering an audience that’s really interested in that type of content and that we absolutely want to tap into.”

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