Room's next "Creativity at Work" series will enlist Daniel Reynolds, a fashion print designer.

Meet the company that wants to protect and empower a company’s most important assets — employees — from the woes and noises of the modern workplace: Room. By giving “room,” which is sound-proofed, sustainably produced and design-minded, to the world’s collaborators and forward-thinkers open office environments mitigate the impact of noise and allow creativity to flourish.

The mission of Room, a workplace solution provider servicing directly to clients such as Nike, J.P. Morgan, NASA, Salesforce, Reddit, Uber and Google, among others, has always been design- and consumer-centric, yet tackles a deeper issue existing in the modern workplace.

“Design is essential to Room. We focus on the user and obsess over details to create the most impactful solutions for modern workspaces today, exemplifying form following function,” said Alejandra Albarrán, director of design and innovation at Room.

Since launching in May 2018, by cofounders Morten Meisner-Jensen and Brian Chen, Room has gathered appeal for other reasons such as sustainability and affordability. Each booth ships flat and is composed of more than 1,000 recycled plastic bottles.

Less than a year later, and in partnership with A/D/O, a Brooklyn-based creative co-working space, Room launches its inaugural collection, Botanical. Sourcing designs from London-based design duo, Tuppence Collective, the collaboration further differentiates their cause from competitors and “infuse[s] creativity” through the selection of emerging and established print designers.

Three limited-edition booths in lush palm prints in poppy hues surround employees and provide a private space or “tropical getaway” for the afternoon conference call or urgent interview. Alicia Perry, a designer of Tuppence Collective, spoke of the collaboration with Room as a way to “truly transport employees once they step into the booth — allowing creativity to flourish by providing privacy and inspiration to the modern worker.”

In the coming year, Room will launch a collection with Daniel Reynolds, a fashion-pattern designer who’s worked with fashion heritage brands numbering Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Chloé, Kenzo and Kate Spade, among others.

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