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The Sustainable Apparel Coalition has added new board members, drawing more strength from academia and supply chain experts.

The SAC confirmed that staff changes and board member elections took place in June, with the new board being seated on June 16.

Additions to the board include Dr. Linda Greer, senior global fellow of the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs; Dr. Marsha Dickson, professor, University of Delaware; Delman Lee, president and chief technology officer of TAL Apparel; Abhishek Bansal, head of sustainability at Arvind Limited, and Mukul Agrawal, chief sustainability officer at Grasim & Aditya Birla.

Despite the fear of membership dropping amid the pandemic, the organization has seen growth. In May, Cotton Council International joined the SAC, while Allbirds, Asia Pacific Rayon and Sateri, the largest viscose fiber producer, joined in July.

Comprising over 250 members, with combined member annual revenue exceeding $500 billion, the majority of SAC’s membership includes brands, manufacturers and retailers. Facing the not-small task of improving supply chain sustainability in the apparel, footwear, and textile industry, the new board may provide new insights.

Greer, who previously worked for the National Resource Defense Council for nearly 30 years, is a bit of a repeat reference for fashion folks for having implemented the NRDC’s Clean by Design program in 2009 — a “green supply chain program” focused on fashion’s environmental impact. In her new role at IPE, a nonprofit based in Beijing, she pushes for corporate pollution transparency initiatives and consumer engagement.

Decades of expertise come from the new board, with Dickson a board member of the Fair Labor Association for the past 18 years as well as co-director of the Sustainable Apparel Initiative at the University of Delaware while Lee has overseen TAL for two decades.

A Fortune 500 company, Aditya Birla Group is noted for its cellulosic fiber and viscose production, while new SAC board member Agrawal aims to strengthen the company’s sustainability practices starting with a number of strategic initiatives and projects.

As previously reported, the SAC is continually buckling down on its mission of “providing resources to support their teams and leveraging insights and best practices,” in the words of chief executive officer Amina Razvi. Its upcoming Higg Index Manufacturer Forum this August will spotlight its Higg facility tools and provide insights into last year’s performance.

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