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Victoria Beckham wouldn’t let a little puddle dampen her fashion week spirits Wednesday evening.

The spice girl-turned fashion designer-turned makeup mogul hoisted her extra-long trousers off the ground and  pranced her platforms right on through to her congratulatory cohort of party-goers at Aerin Lauder’s Celebrate the Beauty of Fashion party in the courtyard of the Museum of Modern Art. The aforementioned puddle was born from early-evening wine spills, which the wine glasses repeatedly survived.

Beckham’s makeup collection for Estée Lauder doesn’t go on sale until Sept. 13, but some of the items are likely contenders for the makeup looks at her fashion show Sunday morning. The final decision will be made at the makeup test for the show, which is said to be happening Thursday.

Beckham joined a handful of Lauder-affiliated celebrity guests, including Tommy Hilfiger and wife Dee, Joan Smalls, Bobbi Brown and Davis Factor, founder of Smashbox. Factor put his iPhone skills to the test capturing the soiree and taking selfies with guests, including Brown. The Lauder family, including chairman emeritus Leonard Lauder, executive chairman, William Lauder,MoMA patron and chairman of Clinique Laborabories Ronald Lauder, founder and creative director of Aerin, and style and image director for Lauder, Aerin Lauder, also turned out for the party. They were joined by the executive set, including chief executive officer Fabrizio Freda, executive group president John Demsey and group president Jane Hudis to kick off New York Fashion Week.

“We’re here tonight to celebrate fashion week,” said Aerin Lauder. “Estée always believed in creativity passion dedication and excellence and that’s very much why we’re in the garden tonight,” she continued, introducing Ronald, honorary MoMA chairman. “The thing that makes the Museum of Modern Art so special is that since 1929 when it opened up it has a great effect on fashion, starting from its early shows,” he said.