Mogul is a platform for Millennial and Gen Z women.

Millennial women are doing their research, and the retail and e-commerce companies that make few, furtive attempts at supporting career-hungry women are less than desirable according to new reports from Mogul.

As a platform tailored to Millennial women, Mogul has created a network for finding community and job opportunity worldwide. Its latest report, “Top 10 Companies in Retail and E-commerce for Millennial Women in 2019” revealed the top employers, based on user analytics.

The list of employers that landed on the list are cited as the “user’s choice” by Mogul’s user community, which includes Millennial and Gen Z women. The age breakdown of Mogul’s users is as follows: 18 percent, aged 18 to 24; 44 percent, aged 25 to 34; 17 percent, aged 35 to 44, and 10 percent, aged 45 to 54, with the majority falling within the Millennial generation.

Mogul reviewed the activity of its users, looking at interest from non-employees, engagement with employees and users on the platform, job demand and employee retention. The findings are based on monthly engagement by users with the workplace profiles listed across the Mogul platform — numbering 682,360 total monthly engagements with the workplace profiles. This list included the benefits and values Millennial women care about at work including diversity and inclusion, parental leave, vacation, women in leadership, equal pay, work culture and education support.

Millennial women casted their votes, in Mogul’s “user’s choice” vetting of retail and e-commerce companies to work for in 2019, based on user analytics.  Courtesy Image

Rated first is The Home Depot, according to benefits offered. The company offers parental support benefits, including six weeks fully-paid parental leave for mothers and fathers as well as six weeks fully-paid maternity leave for expecting mothers. A unique benefit is “The Women’s Link,” a peer group connecting women with growth opportunities for their professional development, as well as generous policies in flex-time and care-taking.

“It’s great to see companies like The Home Depot rank so high and have such strong engagement with our users,” said Natasha Birnbaum, vice president of global partnerships and partner success at Mogul. “It’s companies like The Home Depot that are investing in their diverse and inclusive employer brand which leads to being able to efficiently attract the best fit and quality talent to work with them.”

Trailing closely behind The Home Depot was T-Mobile, ranked second, and Dell, ranked third — celebrating benefits and values of interest to Millennial women. T-Mobile offered benefits such as paid parental leave, childcare subsidy and both multicultural and multigenerational networks, among others.

While Dell plated a suite of female-minded and family-friendly offerings, including family and medical leave, backup child care and resources for children with special needs. Female entrepreneurship was also spotlighted with a 2,000-strong Dell Women Entrepreneur Network and investments in leadership programs, supporting more than 200 women.

Nike, Amazon, Stanley Black & Decker, The Honest Co., Shapeways, Sally Beauty Holdings and Ball Corp. rounded out the list, in that order.

Nominations for Mogul’s best places to work for Gen Z can be made until July 26.

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