PARIS — William G. Koeberlé has just added another hat.

The president of the French Federation of Selective Perfumery — whose term was renewed on March 12 — has also been appointed president of the European Federation of Perfume Retailers.

(In French, the respective bodies are called the Fédération Française de la Parfumerie Sélective, or FFPS, and the Fédération Européenne des Parfumeurs Détaillants, or FEPD.)

Koeberlé succeeds Robert Leygues in the role.

“The modernization of selective distribution agreements must allow for the shifting of the luxury goods landscape toward the digital, notably by taking into account digital standards as defined by customer experience,” the FFPS said in a statement. “Clarifying the duties and obligations of parties to distribution contracts and ensuring the neutrality of audits are at the core of the action plan that W. G. Koeberlé wishes to initiate for the FEPD as well as for the FFPS.”

The term’s second focus will be the modernization of training systems.

“This transformation will occur notably through the incorporation of digital aspects into protocol, the formalization of training procedures, defining diploma equivalences and favoring apprenticeships, work-study programs and especially return to employment,” the association added.

The FEFP represents perfume and cosmetics retailers 21 European Union countries.

The FFPS acts for more than 80 percent of the selective fragrance and beauty sellers in France, with almost 1,700 points of sale.