The saga of American Apparel Inc. took another twist with the Los Angeles-based firm seeking a temporary restraining order against its ousted founder, Dov Charney.

The company’s motion, filed Thursday in the Delaware Court of Chancery, is based on an alleged breach of Charney’s standstill agreement with American Apparel and is tied to a lawsuit the company filed against the former chief executive officer last week.

A restraining order, if approved, would ban Charney from any attempts, either direct or indirect, to remove members of the board or make “disparaging comments about the company to the press or any other third party,” the court filing said.

American Apparel said in its motion for that Charney has “launched a scorched-earth campaign against the company.”

Charney was fired as ceo from American Apparel late last year following an earlier suspension, and has made clear his desire to regain control of the company through some rather public displays that have included rallies and lawsuits “where — like the ‘man behind the curtain’ — he has used a friend and former employee, his college roommate, and a woman with whom he has had a relationship as surrogate plaintiffs, in order to seek the removal of certain members of the company’s current board of directors,” American Apparel’s motion read.

Contacted Friday afternoon, Charney declined comment. His attorney Keith Fink could not be immediately reached.

A hearing on the restraining order is set for May 29.