Piston Head II: Artists Engage the Automobile exhibit Lapo Elkann

MILAN — The case and charges against Lapo Elkann, who was accused of allegedly having simulated his own kidnapping in New York shortly after Thanksgiving as a cover-up for binge drinking and partying, have been dropped. The Fiat heir will not be prosecuted, a person informed of the matter confirmed.

“Today’s decision is so heartening and reinforces the faith I have always placed in American justice,” said Elkann. “This has been a difficult period for me, but it has also given me time to reflect quietly upon what happened and also about the future. I’m clear in my determination to continue to work on myself and also to find a new energy and awareness in my life, in my work and in my businesses.”

Elkann, the grandson of the late Fiat tycoon Gianni Agnelli, is the cofounder of eyewear group Italia Independent and in 2015 he created design center Garage Italia Customs, specializing in vehicle customization. “The closeness and affection I have felt — especially from my family — has been and remains very important to me. Thank you so much,” concluded Elkann.

As reported, at the end of November, Elkann filed a police report claiming he had been kidnapped. His family reportedly informed the New York police about making a ransom payment. Elkann was released, but ordered to appear in court for arraignment. According to media reports on Wednesday, prosecutors declined to pursue the case.

Elkann has remained out of the public eye since the November incident, except for attending the private funeral service for Franca Sozzani, the late editor in chief of Vogue Italia, who died in December.