NEW YORK — Columbia Sportswear Co. has scored a victory against counterfeiters in Thailand.


The company said a raid of four stores and two warehouses in the country turned up more than 4,700 counterfeit Columbia-branded products.


According to the company, one of the alleged leaders of the counterfeiting
operations was arrested near the Cambodian border. A warrant for the arrest
of the owners of the stores and warehouses has also been issued.


Tim Boyle, Columbia chief executive officer and president, said the raid is part of Columbia’s larger effort to crack down on counterfeiting and raise the visibility of its anticounterfeiting measures.


“We take our brand and image very seriously and intend to take aggressive action to stop the unauthorized use of our name, designs and trademarks,” said Boyle. “We believe it’s a matter of principle and integrity to protect loyal Columbia customers from imposters.”


Columbia hired its own investigators to crack the ring and received assistance from local Thai authorities.