WASHINGTON — U.S. Customs & Border Protection said it has seized a shipment of fake sunglasses from China worth an estimated $1.8 million at retail.

The agency said it took possession of 8,620 pairs of sunglasses in a May 19 action in Los Angeles that bore fake Chanel, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Ray-Ban and Ed Hardy trademarks. The shipment also included 15,372 fake Lacoste Alligator sunglass ornaments.The counterfeit items arrived at Los Angeles International Airport in an air shipment, Customs said.

The agency noted the seizure was made by its import specialists trained to target and examine shipments suspected of trademark and copyright violations. Import specialists work with Customs officers to stop counterfeit and pirated items from entering the U.S.“CBP is charged with enforcing trade laws and we continue to devote substantial resources to target, intercept, detail, seize and forfeit shipments of goods that violate these laws,” said Kevin Weeks, director of field operations for Los Angeles at Customs.

In fiscal year 2008, CBP and the Immigration & Customs Enforcement agency seized counterfeit sunglasses and parts with a domestic value of $7.9 million. Those seizures were responsible for 3 percent of the total confiscations made last year, which netted $272.7 million worth of counterfeit goods entering the U.S. Sunglasses were among the top 10 commodities seized last year.