PARIS — Gucci said it would appeal a Paris court ruling Friday that shot down a trademark infringement case the Italian fashion house had launched against Guess Inc.

Gucci said it “strongly disagrees” with the decision of the Tribunal de Grande Instance, pointing to cases in the U.S. and Italy where Guess was found liable for trademark infringement.

Guess meanwhile characterized Friday’s decision as a “complete victory” that absolved it of “every claim asserted by Gucci, finding no trademark infringement, no counterfeiting and no unfair competition.”

Guccio Gucci SpA had been seeking 55 million euros, or $66.9 million at current exchange, in damages. According to Guess, the Paris court invalidated three of Gucci’s “G” trademarks, meaning Gucci cannot claim exclusive use to those marks any longer.

“I continue to believe strongly that all these legal battles are a complete waste of time and this energy and money should be focused on business,” Guess chief executive officer Paul Marciano said.

Gucci noted that the Court of Appeal of Milan last September said that Guess’ “constant imitative attitude towards Gucci’s motifs” is clear and that “Guess’ initiative…in many cases is aimed at a systematic and massive exploitation of [Gucci’s] initiative and creativity.”

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