Kendall Jenner in a Tupac tee at V Magazine party.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner are fighting hard against allegations by a photographer that they ripped off his images of Tupac for a line of T-shirts.

The reality star sisters formally responded to a July lawsuit by Michael Miller alleging they used his copyrighted photos of the late rapper for a run of Kendall + Kylie brand T-shirts, claiming Miller hasn’t shown he actually has the rights to the images.

While the Jenners and their brand argued that Miller’s purported copyright registrations for the images are “invalid,” they also argued that if they did infringe any copyright, they “did so with innocent intent,” according to the filing.

This is generally in line with the sister’s initial position soon after Miller filed the lawsuit that his accusations were “completely false,” but they also said the T-shirts were properly bought “vintage” goods and that no image was copied.

Only two of the T-shirts, which feature the sisters’ brightly colored initials emblazoned over images of Tupac, sold before being removed from their web site, a brand spokeswoman said at the time.

Tupac was only one artist the sisters used for the line of T-shirts and others featured Metallica, Notorious B.I.G. and The Doors.

The sisters also took to Instagram to issue a joint apology, admitting the shirts “were not well thought-out,” stressing they did not mean to offend any of the artists or their families and that they were going to “learn from these mistakes.”

That apology wasn’t enough for Miller, who’s seeking $150,000 for each presentation of his alleged photographs.

Miller said two of his copyrighted photos of Tupac have been wholly “misappropriated” by the youngest sisters of the Jenner-Kardashian brood, and he was never notified of their use and never gave such authorization.

In addition to his claims of copyright infringement, Miller is accusing the sisters and their brand of intentionally removing a watermark on one of the photos and is seeking additional unspecified damages for the act.

The Jenners have denied all of Miller’s claims and told the court that he is not entitled to any damages.

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