MILAN — Moncler is relying on technology to keep counterfeiting at bay.

Starting from its spring collection, all Moncler products will include a revolutionary anticounterfeiting system, which makes use of the most recent Radio Frequency Identification technological developments.

The tool has a distinct alphanumeric code and a QRcode, as well as a Near Field Communication tag in the shape of the brand’s logo. The chip allows for the confirmation of the authenticity of the product and to offer a more interactive and effective verification procedure. This step can be taken by visiting the Web site, or by reading the QR code or NFC code with specific apps that can be downloaded on a smartphone., which is managed directly by the company, was launched in 2013 and helps customers receive immediate feedback on products’ authenticity.

The latest development is part of Moncler’s ongoing engagement against counterfeiting, to protect customers and to increase transparency and traceability.

Earlier this year, the company interrupted the business of 50 counterfeit Web sites that were registered by three Chinese individuals. In November, Moncler won a civil case against Chinese counterfeiters and was paid 420,000 euros, or $478,241 at current exchange, in damages. In 2014, it investigated more than 1,450 cases and sequestered more than 450,000 counterfeit items worldwide.