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Procter & Gamble denied allegations by a photographer that it used her images on Olay beauty products long after a licensing deal had expired.

The beauty and consumer products company last week told an Ohio federal court that it denies “all allegations” by Annette Navarro, a photographer whose images have been used on Olay products for more than a decade and now claims that certain photographs were used without a licensing agreement in place.

Specifically, Navarro claims that a copyrighted image of a model using the Olay Supersonic cleansing brush and another showing a model using an Olay hair removal cream were used to advertise the products on packaging and in stores for at least two years after P&G’s license for the images lapsed in 2013.

She also claims that one of her photos was used on packing for Olay’s Regenerist Advanced Cleansing products without any permission.

But P&G shot back with a full denial of Navarro’s account and took particular issue with her attempt to receive such a large damages award.

The company said in its reply that the damages claim “is in bad faith, without any reasonable basis in fact or law, and is for improper purpose to obtain an ill-gotten windfall.”

“Plaintiff’s alleged copyrighted works have no remaining commercial value, and thus, plaintiff has suffered no damages,” P&G added.

With that, the company asked that Navarro’s case be dismissed with prejudice and that it be awarded payment for attorney fees and legal costs related to the action.

When Navarro filed her complaint in June, she cited “experts who have reviewed the facts of this case” as the basis for her damages claim.

Counsel for Navarro could not be reached for comment.

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