Xu Zhi fall 2019 collection backstage at Shanghai Fashion Week

LONDON — Shanghai Fashion Week has been approved to become a registered trademark by China State Administration for Market Regulation, announced Kunlin Xu, vice mayor of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, at a conference. It is the first fashion week in China to ever go through the procedure.

“It is a milestone since it demonstrates that the state government attaches importance on intellectual property protection work. It is also an acknowledgment of the function and value of Shanghai Fashion Week as a benchmark service platform for China’s fashion industry, and more fully reflects the new height of Shanghai’s urban business management level,” Xu said.

The conference also addressed the pressing issue of how to provide better protection to Chinese design talents and a better creative environment.

A panel discussion at Shanghai Fashion Week conference.  Courtesy Photo

Xiaolei Lv, deputy secretary-general of Shanghai Fashion Week Committee, said “I have been working on the development and promotion of Chinese independent designers for 17 years in Shanghai Fashion Week. Over the years, the creativity of local designers has been blown out. They are creative, but their self-legal awareness and protection awareness are very weak. Brands and even names have not been registered. A series of things such as copying, copying fabrics, and copying press releases have occurred. The final result is to let creative designers lose the creative motive force.

“If this continues to develop, the platform of fashion week is of little value. Without creativity and design, there will be no future. So today we call for the success of trademark registration in fashion week, from the government to the industry and even to the public, recognizing the unfair competition problems faced by our designers in intellectual property, and work together to find some effective support and protection measures for them in the future,” she added.

Feng Liu, director of the Intellectual Property Business Research Committee of Shanghai Bar Association, said “In the process of changing the Chinese legal system, more and more attention has been paid to the protection of our own intellectual property rights. There are also many ways to protect clothing design, including design patents, copyrights and trademark rights. Designers should not feel discouraged. It’s their time to shine.”

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