The campaign for Sarah Jessica Parker's collaboration with Kat Florence.

Sarah Jessica Parker might have patched things up with Kat Florence Design.

The jewelry company and the actor have reached a preliminary settlement over a 2018 lawsuit in which Kat Florence Design sued Parker for breach of contract.

Earlier this month a judge in a Manhattan federal court signed off on an extension filed by Kat Florence.

According to court documents, representatives for Kat Florence and Parker’s attorneys met in January and were able to reach an agreement “as to most of the issues involved.”

“Although there are a few additional details that need to be agreed upon, the parties are very close to resolving the matter and have in fact been exchanging drafts of a settlement agreement,” the court documents state.

Parker’s lawyers could not be reached for further details.

The case began in October 2015, when Kat Florence hired Parker to help endorse a line of jewelry that would be named after the actress and designer.

For $7.5 million, Parker agreed to help promote the “Sarah Jessica Parker/Kat Florence Line,” a collection of “high-end jewelry made of D color flawless diamonds and other gem types,” the documents said.

As part of her contract, she would help with marketing and advertising along various platforms, as well as attend events to promote the line, such as the launch party, and start at least three stand-alone shops for the jewelry in European cities, including London, Rome and Berlin. 

But the jewelry company said she never followed through and filed a suit for damages in April 2018.  

“She refused to properly participate and comply with her contractual obligations, making the success of this enterprise impossible,” the complaint says. 

The jewelry company went on to accuse Parker of putting her other ventures, like her TV show, “Divorced,” above her agreements with them.

“[Parker] additionally told [Kat Florence] well after the agreement was entered into and after she received one or more of the initial payments, that she would not be available to do anything under the agreement for a period of five months, i.e. November 2016 through March 2017 due to her new television show, ‘Divorce’….Her television show commitments were more important than her obligations under the attached agreement,” the lawsuit reads.   

Parker also bailed on the launch party that was scheduled for fall 2016 and was missing from the opening of the London store, according to Kat Florence.

But Parker responded with a lawsuit of her own, saying her quarterly payments “abruptly and without notice or explanation stopped” in October 2016. 

Parker said she was only paid about $1.3 million of her contract and even asked to post on Instagram about the brand, despite this not being part of her contract.

“Nevertheless, KFD and Kristy Ann Florence brazenly continue to use Ms. Parker’s name and likeness to promote their products….It became obvious that KFD had no interest in continuing the relationship and was looking for a way out of its contractual commitments,” Parker’s claim reads.

But last summer a judge rejected the counterclaim. 

Now the two parties have until March 29 to reach an official agreement.

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