PARIS — The beauty line with a simple moniker — 27 — began with a straightforward concept.

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“I wanted a formula for me,” said its founder Michèle Evrard, who had some years ago undergone numerous knee operations, which resulted in a large wound. “I have skin that is extremely reactive, extremely sensitive.”

During her tenure in the beauty industry, Evrard, a trained pharmacist, became familiar with the restorative virtues of extracts of the Centella asiatica plant (which is utilized in ayurvedic medicine). So she knew she wanted to use it in its most active form possible in her own product’s formulation.

Evrard had in mind a product with a global antiaging response that could be used both night and day. It was also meant to be effective against skin damaged by environmental stresses or weakened by medical or esthetic treatment. Particularly, she envisioned a balm that would help a person’s skin density and health. Another must was that the balm’s formula contain a high level of ingredients from natural origins. (In the end, it boasts 67 percent and is sans paraben, phenoxyethanol, mineral oil or derivative or silicone.)

Baume 27 — which turns into an emulsion upon application — got its name from the fact that its formula contains that number of active ingredients. At its heart are three natural purified extracts of Centella asiatica, which are billed to have repairing, regenerating, anti-inflammatory and anti-free radical properties. Combined, they form Evrard’s patented MA2 Complex.

Baume 27 was introduced in September 2009 at Colette in Paris, which carries it on its Web site, too. The product since has been rolled out to approximately 70 sales points, including specialty stores, spas and pharmacies. A 50-ml. jar of Baume 27 retails for $170 in the U.S.

In mid-October, Bliss in the U.S. and U.K. added Baume 27 to its catalogue and Web site. By yearend it is expected the 27 brand’s products will be distributed in 60 stores in nine countries.

Also through her company M.E. SkinLab Paris, Evrard introduced two more items to the 27 line: Cleanser 27, whose 125-ml. bottle goes for 59 euros, or $80.80 at current exchange, and the Essence 27 serum, whose 50-ml. bottle is 89 euros, or $121.85, in Europe. She wants to launch products that are “essential” and that “can exist on their own.”

Evrard would not discuss sales figures. However, industry sources estimate that since its debut, the 27 brand has sold between 2,000 and 3,000 units.

More products will be added to the collection.

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