Traditional advertising platforms are still the way to reach American millionaires, according to the latest affluence survey from The Shullman Research Center.

The study noted that traditional media such as TV and printed publications, particularly printed newspapers, are “ranked at the top of the list of ad channels for millionaires regarding their ability to engage the wealthy.” Printed publications include magazines and mail sent to one’s home, both of which also ranked in the top five regarding the ability to reach the affluent consumer.

Printed newspapers, digital newspapers and Twitter ranked one, two and three, respectively, for engagement among millionaires. In contrast, the top three for nonmillionaires were tablets, digital newspapers and television.

The rankings were based on places where consumers saw or heard advertising in the past 30 days, consumers’ interest in advertising seen or heard in the same time period and rankings of advertising platforms’ estimated potential reach and engagement levels.

In contrast, the research data concluded that advertising on “Facebook, on YouTube and in digital games is more likely to reach consumers with less than $1 million in net worth.” Television is the strongest platform for reaching consumers in general, with 57 percent of all adults surveyed, regardless of income level, stating that they have seen or heard advertising on television in the past 30 days.

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