New Yorkers who blog, post videos and review products online can add another venue for user-generated content to their media menu: fledgling neighborhood public radio, with a presence for three months at 91.9 FM, from a studio outpost aside the Whitney Museum, and a longer life in broadcast posts online. Marketing experts, who have extolled the virtues of authenticity and emotion in connecting with consumers, weigh in on what neighborhood public radio could mean to a fashion audience.

This story first appeared in the March 26, 2008 issue of WWD. Subscribe Today.

Marian Salzman, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, JWT: “Because of the high net worth of that zip code, it has enormous potential. Really local is the way things are going right now. Because of that, the 10021 zip code compounds the interest. It’s probably the area for [Manhattan’s] most high-end jewelers, real estate brokers, plastic surgeons — and on that basis it is very interesting. The question is: Will you reach the audience in this way?”

Dave Balter, president, BzzAgent: “I love the idea. I especially love the three square blocks [of the FM signal’s range]. One of the core tenets of word of mouth is scarcity. With fashion, it’s about where you place your products and messages. These days, it’s not about a mass audience. It’s where are the niche locations that make your brand worth starting a conversation about?”

Marc Gobé, founder, Emotional Branding: “I’ve always thought people are interested in what’s going on in their neighborhood. The more you narrow the information, the closer it is to people’s lives and the more interested they are. As we move more into the age of individuality, narrowing to people’s individual interests…is the opposite of the megamedia mergers and the commodities of news it provides. Less bigness — news that is targeted — is something that almost has to happen.”