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When it comes to the most effective ads for May, drug chains and Amazon Inc. muscled out prior top scorers in the monthly ABX Advertising Benchmark Index such as Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Target Corp. and Macy’s Inc.

According to ABX, the top retailers ran 435 new ads in May, which is about the same number as April. Ads are rated via 15 variables by a consumer panel. A score of 100 is equal to “average effectiveness,” and the ABX Index score is a measure of the overall effectiveness of an ad.

Click here to see a copy of the May report, and follow this link for the research firm’s methodology.

In the May report, consumers rated CVS’ Where You Get Your Medicines Matters” as the most effective ad for TV. The ad came in with an ABX Index score of 133 buoyed by a 199 reputation score and a 142 call to action score. With gender equality, the ad had a 118 rating with females and males both garnering scores of 124.

ABX researchers described the ad as a “beautiful [30-second] TV spot featuring a wide-ranging cast and various medical situations with the message that CVS is there for you — even with $50 Reward Bucks each year. Most notable is the diversity of the cast with very high ABX Gender Equality Index  scores of plus-24 percent over norm for both females and males, who were presented respectfully and as role models.”

For radio, Walgreens’ When You’re Feeling That Little Itch in Your Throat” took the number-one spot with an ABX Index of 109. The 30-second spot came in with a message rating of 120, and a call to action of 109. And despite taking the radio category over other ads, the reputation metric came in below 100 with a score of 95.

“This 30-second spot seems to be a recut of an April spot that also did quite well,” ABX said in the report adding that there “isn’t a clear-cut reason for the lower reputation score (-5 percent) unless it related to the loud music in the background.”

In the digital ad category, Amazon Dot’s “Alexa, Add Clean Under the Sofa to My To-Do List” took the top position for the month with an ABX Index score of 133. The high score was significantly helped by a reputation score of 213. “Like other high-scoring Amazon digital video spots this month, this one featured various life situations with a great deal of humor,” ABX researcher said.

In the print category, Kroger won out for an ice cream ad touting a deal. For free-standing inserts, Walgreens was tops for a campaign pushing Memorial Day specials. For outdoor ads, Amazon scored highest for an ad about Alexa.

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