Amazon Fashion Say Something Nice

GOOD VIBRATIONS: On the heels of London Mayor Sadiq Khan‘s decision to crack down on unhealthy-body-image ads on the London Underground, Amazon Fashion has launched a campaign to tackle body shaming.

“Say Something Nice” revolves around topics such as body image and aims to promote positivity in the fashion industry. The company has tapped names such as Hana Tajima, Susie Bubble, Camille Charriere, and Gala Gonzalez to appear in a short video that shows them discussing body shaming and their experiences on social media. It will be promoted on the brand’s social media channels. The campaign, which launches today will run for a month.

“Fashion sharing is at an all-time high on social media,” said Siobhan Mallen, content director, Amazon Fashion Europe. “Instagram alone has more than 82 million #OOTD [outfit of the day] posts. Sadly, criticizing and ridiculing people for what they wear, known as ‘outfit shaming,’ is also becoming more common. Fifty-five percent of women feel they have been judged before on social media about their fashion choices.”

Mallen said everyone wants their style and personality to be accepted by others, “but who can honestly say that they’ve never made judgments or assumptions about someone based on what they’re wearing? The #SaySomethingNice campaign aims to inspire all of us to challenge this behavior and to champion, proactively, everyone’s right to wear whatever makes them happy, without fear of ridicule or negativity.”


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