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Capture back-to-school shoppers when and where they’re searching with the greatest intent, as LiveIntent sees it. Marketing platform LiveIntent is service to over 2,500 brands and publisher partners, reaching some 250 million logged-in users.

In a report released Thursday, LiveIntent found that tablets were the top-performing device for back-to-school campaigns, revealing a 50 percent higher click-through-rate compared to personal computers and phones.

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Perhaps revealing a certain leisurely afternoon scroll during the weekends, LiveIntent found that afternoons are “best for back-to-school campaigns,” citing the most clicks and conversions occurring between 12 p.m. and 6 p.m.

According to the National Retail Federation, 17.2 percent of the entire year’s retail sales happen during back-to-school season, numbering over $80 billion in spending, including college students.

Kerel Cooper, senior vice president of Global Marketing at LiveIntent stressed that “timing is very critical here” and trying to get ahead may backfire if not selecting the right time windows.

Or places, the most success was found in newsletters devoted to personal finances and family and parenting sections, as the target audience includes the parents reading the publications. Marketers are warned to steer clear of the “home and garden” and “arts and entertainment” categories, according to the report.

Friday and Sunday afternoons are seen as the most impactful, and brands looking for better conversions may be best to procrastinate until the weekend.

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