More traditional beauty editors, just like beauty brands, see the opportunity to work alongside beauty bloggers and vloggers, who they view as collaborators rather than editorial competitors.

Angelique Serrano, beauty director at InStyle, Deanne Kaczerski, director of digital innovation for the InStyle Collection, Holly Carter, beauty director at StyleWatch, Marci Robin, executive editor at xoVain and Pamela Edwards Christiani, beauty and style director at Essence talked beauty, bloggers and innovation at the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Full Spectrum Beauty panel on April 5. FIT’s cosmetic, fragrance and marketing undergraduate students posed the questions for the panel.

Some of the editors described bloggers as allies. “Mimi started a year ago with no traffic. Because of our influencers, our bloggers and vloggers that were out there supporting us, we grew to 2.8 million unique visitors in January,” said Kaczerski. “We consider them part of our daily collective.”

Essence also takes advantage of building relationships with social media standouts, according to Christiani. “We have a conference…in New Orleans…and we always make sure that we are including bloggers and vloggers because they help our impressions,” she said.

The editors seem to agree that there still is a marked difference between editorial content in traditional media and social media content. “We’re both relevant,” said Carter. “Our writers aren’t getting thousands of dollars just to say, ‘I really like this lipstick,’” said Robin.