CALVIN’S CAST OF CHARACTERS: Calvin Klein Underwear has partnered with fashion and celebrity stylist Annabel Tollman to create three videos for its Naked Glamour collection.

The black-and-white videos, shot by Douglas Keeve, feature Tollman giving viewers a peek behind the scenes on how the stylist creates a persona for a variety of scenarios. Key elements such as hair, makeup, attitude and wardrobe are demonstrated by fashion models in a fitting-type setting. At the core of each piece is the female character wearing a Calvin Klein Naked Glamour bra. Each of the three bra styles represents the foundation that characterizes each woman into the role she is styled for, and ultimately directed to portray.

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The free-spirited girl in the “Confident” vignette wears a wire-free, soft-cup bra in black, while the “Strong” video highlights the modern woman wearing a newly introduced style — the add-a-size plus bra in smoke amethyst. In the “Sexy” scene, the classic femme fatale wears a convertible lace plunge bra in black. All the while, Tollman discusses her inspiration behind each look.

Malcolm Carfrae, executive vice president of global communications at Calvin Klein Inc., said the videos were created to reach consumers editorially online as well as through social media.

“We think the videos have a unique point of view and that Annabel really brings the product to life by creating a story and a character for each piece,” he said. “We are targeting key Web sites and blogs, and we also plan to have a few targeted product giveaways that complement this initiative….These are the first Webisodes that Calvin Klein Underwear has worked on. We thought that it was just another way to reach this consumer, as well as to support the latest offering, Naked Glamour, by giving it a different perspective.”

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Describing the creative process, Tollman said, “I developed the character for each bra in exactly the same way as I do when I’m creating a character for a shoot. I ask myself: Who is this woman? What is her personality? Does she drink coffee or tea? What book is she reading? What perfume does she wear?

“What emerged is that I found that each bra was representative of an emotion or a concept. To me, lingerie is very tied up with a woman’s concept of self. It’s the first thing that you put on when you’re getting dressed, and it informs not just the rest of your clothing but the rest of your day….I wanted to encapsulate that moment of self-creation that we all go through in the morning, which is essentially what stylists do, albeit on a larger scale or for other people,” said Tollman.