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If it saves time and money for the consumer, keep it in your marketing spend. In Valassis’ annual coupon report, which polled 1,000 U.S. consumers, coupons still have “continued appeal for motivating today’s on-the-go consumers.”

As an “intelligent media delivery” platform, which serves 63,000 advertising clients across industries, Valassis aims to activate consumers toward purchases. The company’s consumer properties include RetailMeNot Everyday, which offers deals on consumer-packaged goods, groceries, restaurants and other local discounts.

According to the report, 45 percent of respondents use coupons “always or very often,” while 92 percent noted their use of coupons in general.

As mobile commerce gains footholds with Millennial shoppers, their use of coupons also is in sync, as 88 percent used paperless coupons “received on a mobile device or downloaded to a loyalty card.” As for their parents, 96 percent use both types of coupons.

Curtis Tingle, chief marketing officer of Valassis, believes coupons remain an “essential factor in the relationship between brands and consumers” and will be so even as commerce evolves because they save time and money for the consumer.

“With shifting expectations and life-stage needs, flexible and frictionless saving options are needed — no matter the channel — to accommodate consumers’ evolving demands,” Tingle said in a statement.

Comparison shopping is especially aided by the coupon, as 85 percent of consumers are willing to shop at multiple stores to find the best price.

Crucial to competitive brands and retailers hugging onto their physical storefronts, 82 percent of consumers “will readily switch stores based on weekly specials.”

As for advice to marketers who spend copious amounts to lure consumers, new products are still best advertised with a good deal. Some 86 percent of consumers were enticed to try a new product because of a coupon.

Whether print or digital, coupons are a viable value-add for consumers, and valuable addition for one’s marketing strategy.