Depop, Gen Z, Generation Z

Depop aims to capture Texas in a new campaign spotlighting nine Depop sellers from the cities of Austin, Dallas and Houston.

“We reach Gen Z by representing Gen Z. And by doing our best to champion and celebrating them everywhere, we are able to inspire more and more like-minded people to join Depop,” said Peter Semple, chief marketing officer at Depop to WWD, in a statement that mirrors the generation’s resistance in being defined and confined.

A majority, or 90 percent of Depop’s active user base, is under the age of 26 and with traditional retailers losing foot traffic and shuttering storefronts in the blight of Gen Z — maybe their strategy is worth noting.

Sighting Texas as the third-largest market behind New York and the city of Los Angeles, the U.K.-based app aims to steal more market share in the U.S. Between Q1 2017 and Q1 2019, Depop’s sales grew by 300 percent in the U.S., and in June, the company raised $62 million in a Series C round led by General Atlantic.

According to Semple, the formula for success in reaching Gen Z is in fostering a community of openness and accessibility, as Semple puts it, “Anyone can start a business very quickly and very easily.” This global community of young and emerging creatives is sequestered by Depop’s two physical retail spaces in New York and L.A. to place the “focus on experience.”

In likeness to the shopping mall of the past, Depop aims to convene teens, lending its spaces to brands, sellers and personalities on Depop. Semple believes the company’s events uniquely “generate cultural value,” which is lost in today’s conventional shopping experiences.

The focus on Texas is because of “everything that’s going on there culturally” and the company’s existing community there that’s “enormously influential” within its greater U.S. audience.

“More and more, today’s generation wants to find something that represents them in their own way,” reiterated Semple.

Brand collaborations are also part of that strategy, with Depop fostering large-scale partnerships like its recent three-month pop-up at Selfridges in London. Much of its traction is on new talent within the fashion industry and the positive impact of circular fashion.

Semple informed there isn’t a plan for a permanent space in Texas yet.

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