Dove wants women to choose to feel beautiful. The brand, known for changing the conversation about what beauty means, launched its newest campaign today, Choose Beautiful. The film shows women in San Francisco, Shanghai, London, São Paulo and Delhi, India, who are faced with two doors: one labeled “average” and the other “beautiful.” “Ninety six percent of women don’t use the word beautiful to describe how they look,” said Kathy O’Brien, vice president of marketing services and skin at Unilever. As proof, nearly all the women in the film chose the “average” door. By the end of the film, most admitted that they would make a different choice the next time. Dove is also teaming up with Women in the World, a summit that brings together female leaders, to inspire women to rethink the idea of beauty. O’Brien added, “When women recognize their own beauty, they radiate happiness and confidence.”